More than a Remodel

At Q-House LLC we deliver more than a traditional construction remodel experience – a personalized plan for your project with a heavy focus on sustainability, intentionality, and integrity.


Unlike most remodeling or construction projects, we aim to utilize reclaimed materials from organizations like Ballard Reuse, Second Use and Habitat for Humanity Restore and salvage any goods that can be contributed back to the above places. The focus on every project is not only on completion and quality but reducing the waste contributed to landfills. All projects cannot function in this way, however we try to seek out projects with clients who have a shared vision when it comes to material resourcing.


Our goal is to spread access and expand the definition of the trades industry to be more diverse and inclusive. With every additional expert that we bring in to complete a project, we aim to give resources and opportunities to queer/trans, BIPOC tradespeople and companies first. Know any specified trade companies that fit this description? We are always looking to connect and work with more.


We acknowledge that most of our work is done on the ancestral lands of the Duwamish peoples. 10% of every project is tithed to Queer the Land and/or Real Rent Duwamish to aid in putting resources toward the stewards of this land. In our first months, we helped Queer the Land build an apothecary and community pantry by resourcing materials from neighborhood donors and gifting 75% of Labor Costs.

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